CKXU Presents: FUNdrive 2018
"Cosmic Frequencies"

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CKXU Presents: FUNdrive 2018 "Cosmic Frequencies"

With "Cosmic Frequencies" we're expanding our universe to explore limitless programming, podcasting and beyond. By supporting this years' FUNdrive, you will be setting our trajectory for streaming among the stars! You've helped beam your signal to 3000W, now help us with your new website launch!

CKXU 88.3 FM is hoping to do a complete overhaul of their current website to include podcasting, archived programming, DJ playlists and much more!! While we get our cosmos in a row, we'll be launching a new temporary website in April 2018 to make navigating this CKXU galaxy a little bit easier while we prepare and build the end-goal website.

Check out for more information and ongoing updates on our FUNdrive!