CKXU Loves You Seven (7) "Pretty in Kink" edition

CKXU Loves You is back for it's SEVENTH (7th)round of Lovey-Dovey Goodness/Bologna.


CKXU Loves YOU is back for its SEVENTH (7th) round of Lovey-Dovey Goodness/Bologna. This year, we figured you might want something more out of your seasonal injection of CKXU goodness (i.e: witnessing a select CKXU executive shoot beer out his nose on stage during a door prize draw. Ahh memories.)

SO! We're giving "Loves YOU Seven (7)" a SEXY SPIN! We figured it never hurts to show the public that there are resources available to them if they feel the need to get a little more… adventurous! Loves YOU Seven (7) will thus be geared towards SAFER SEXUAL EXPLORATION! Waaahoo!

To pull this off (no pun intended) we’ve invited a few friends from around the city to come give us a hand! “Sharing the love” as it were. A veritable orgy of ideas. You can look forward to seeing representatives from the U of L Campus Women’s Centre, The Lethbridge HIV connection all there to provide you with excellent resources to safely tread in unfamiliar territory.

As always, we'll be featuring a weird array of live music (in the form of love/anti love/sad bastard- based cover songs) as performed by your tried, tested, and true local musical community! Also, there will be door prizes, sweet, sweet door prizes!

BAND LINE UP IS AS FOLLOWS (in no particular order)

CKXU's very own DJ Selin

Planet Telex

Love Potion # Ice-nine-point-two

Dirti Speshuls

Tha Ruby Plumes


Cosmic Charlie

If you've ever been in love, considered being in love, loved those who share love for others, loved lamp, tried love and come away empty handed, loved being empty-handed but realized that love had more to offer, showered in / been shown / stepped in LOVE...

Thursday February 14, 2013, The Slice Bar and Grill

Starts at 8:00 pm, 314 8th Street South, Lethbridge, Alberta

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